ExpressoTechSip - One Slide At A Time - Can You Scrum With A Remote Team?

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ExpressoTechSip - One Slide At A Time - Can You Scrum With A Remote Team?

Those who have been practicing Agile / Scrum before and during the COVID pandemic have had to face a real dilemma of whether you can properly execute Agile especially Scrum with a remote team .   If you can’t do it properly then the next question is should you abandon scrum altogether?  Is a half attempt at Scrum done remotely better than no attempt?  What’s the alternative to go back to Waterfall?

This isn’t just to get into a philosophical debate, it’s actually a very real consideration especially as working remotely is highly desirable and now no one wants to go back to 100% in the office.  How do we make sure Agile evolves to fit the NEW NORM?

Find out what Agile Veteran Coach with over 30 years, 10 enterprise transformations, and creator of dozens of Transformation Playbooks to help companies build better remote team and optimize their outcome,  Jacqueline Sanders-Blackman.

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