Agile Team Health Coaching

Technology Expresso Consulting has a unique approach to Agile coaching. We call it the 3 A’s which stands for Agility, Alignment, and Accountability. We feel these three go hand-in-hand in order to achieve the ultimate benefits that come under big “A” – Agility. Being an Agile coach is much more than teaching someone the ceremonies, the artifacts, and the processes around the scrum and/or Kanban and/or SAFe framework and/or Dev Ops. It is not easy to take the content of these frameworks and apply this to a group of people and expect the benefits that are often associated with successful Agile implementations. 

The unspoken component is often team Alignment. You can’t have Agile without having agile team coaching alignment. How do the people on the team see themselves and operate as a team? Are they good at collaborating, building consensus, being transparent, and being cross-functional? If not, you’ll see a big difference between applying Agile and doing Agile and them actually being Agile. The secret ingredient between those key steps of doing versus being is Agility. Being Agile is the 3rd step in a 5-step maturity model for Agile coach. Many companies stop on step 3, and for some, they might feel that it’s good enough, but for others who have heard about some of the bolder benefits of Agile, they are looking for a level 4 and a level 5 maturity in their Agile teams. That degree of coaching includes very focused efforts on the 3rd A – Accountability.

Accountability means understanding business value and delivering value, which means a keen eye for prioritizing and organizing your work to be empowered as a team. Then you go from the levels of being Agile to thinking Agile and ultimately culturally embracing Agile. Some of the more advanced areas of Agile and Agility are when you scale it across multiple teams so that you have a scrum of scrums. Dependencies can be resolved by collaboration across teams and among teams and even reconciling when people have to move between teams. These things are real, they are feasible. They are not just a unicorn. We can help you get to your ultimate state of Agility through Agile coach. No matter where you are today, we can help you get there sooner vs later. Reach out to us here at   

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