David Blackman

David Blackman

Managing Partner/Director/CTO
Phone:(855) 484-6837



A retired Air Force IT professional, David has always been enthusiastic about helping others.

A Philadelphia native from Mt. Airy, whether mentoring youth or sharing his passion and success story who made the transition from a 20 plus years Air Force IT career to a very productive corporate IT  career in the IT, he is thrilled to share his expertise and experience so that others may learn from it as well. David is also the co-founder of Technology Expresso, a Media, Promotions and Education network. 

David currently serves as a Sr. Infrastructure Program Manager consultant with a leading financial services firm. His previous experiences include: IT Program & Project Lifecycle Management, Network Design, IT Product Management, Client Engagement, IT Enterprise Technology & Infrastructure Services, and more. With over 25 years in the IT industry, his roles affected both national and international endeavors in the military and corporate IT environments and architecture. Experienced Project Manager of Global Network Infrastructure, CPE, Access, and Multinational services architectures.

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