Jacqueline Sanders-Blackman

Jacqueline Sanders-Blackman

Managing Partner/Director/CEO



Education is the best legacy.

Promoting Black Academic Excellence is an imperative.  A man or woman can never be greater than the knowledge that helps them make critical decisions. Ensuring a better future becomes the inherited responsibility of next generation; this makes the transfer of knowledge from the older generation to the younger generation inevitable. With the increasing busy nature of women, the world has just a few of them with a genuine passion for educating and ensuring a better future for our children at various capacity.  Jacqueline is one of them.

Jacqueline Sanders-Blackman is an experienced author with a profound STEAM knowledge and great desire to turn the world of children around by instilling in them the best available knowledge in STEAM fields using her unique books with content that is relate-able and relevant to their community that could help in the development of kid’s education with an instructor or on their own. It takes a village to prepare our children for the future. So educating students, parents, educators and existing STEAM professionals is not just a passion, it is her ministry.

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